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wisdom desired

I pray for wisdom.  God said we could!
This week especially has been trying, and it’s just Sunday!  It’s the week before the wedding.  There are ten thousand things to do!  Among them, moving me, moving Mark, moving Matt into Mark’s old place.  Make the wedding programs, finalize the music, finalize who is helping with cake, presents, guest book, etc.  Find rides for all the high school students, housing for everyone from out-of-town, wedding day attire and accessories, pack for the honeymoon, and write the year-end report for work.  Those are a few things, there are many more, but writing them down is stressful enough.  My fiance is wonderful, he has been supportive and helpful in every step of the way.
Have you ever seen the movie ‘Bride Wars’ with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway.  There is this scene where the girls are planning their weddings and Candice Bergen is speaking in a voice over about how planning a wedding is a test of a couple, I thought that kind of thing was only in movies.  Sure, I knew that planning a wedding and being engaged is stressful and brings all sorts of tests on the couple.  But I didn’t really believe that planning a wedding could bring a couple closer.  Well, God proved me wrong!  Throughout the short time that Mark and I have been engaged we have gotten closer, our relationship has gotten stronger and jumped to new depths and I have fallen more in love with this incredible man every day!
I am blessed.
And still praying for wisdom!

Getting the Marriage License!!
still can’t believe he’s real
Brazilian BBQ, sooooo good!

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