Aaron, brother of Moses

I am reading this great book by Francine Rivers called “The Priest” about Aaron, the brother of Moses.  She has written a series of books about the men that lived in the shadow of the “Big” men of the Bible.  The book is an idea of what the life of Aaron may have been and what it would be like to live in the shadow of your younger brother, Moses.  I like the light it casts on Aaron, he was a great man who supported, encouraged and helped his brother Moses fulfill the purpose God had set out for him.  When everyone thought Moses was crazy or when it seemed like there were too many risks involved in following God’s will, Aaron supported Moses.  He stood by him, no matter what, Aaron, placed his faith in God and encouraged Moses to press on, no matter how difficult the current circumstances were.
Aaron sets out to find Moses in the desert after he had been gone for 40 years.  There was no proof that he was even still alive.  The journey to find Moses, “in the desert” was long, God was not specific about where “in the desert” Aaron would find Moses.  Aaron was so tired, so thirsty and so hungry that he lost track of how long he was even out there looking for his brother.  Under any other circumstance, as in, a circumstance not planned out and ordained by God, Aaron would have had difficulty leaving and returning to Goshen.  His own family worried and did not encourage him to go.
This got me thinking.  How many times have I missed an opportunity because I was too afraid of the risk or too convinced by the doubt that I would not succeed.  How many times have I let God down by saying, “no thanks God, I’m just too scared…I just don’t have enough faith.”
In my defense, as I was reading and asking myself these things, Aaron had heard the voice of the Lord.  It was a voice like none other, clearly from God.  I have not had that kind of experience.  Although, I have prayed for it!  But still, I know that God has spoken to me, I know that in his quiet voice he has told me things to do, given me direction and encouragement, and even within my heart he has given me direction.  It makes me wonder, what have I already missed out on?
Anyone who knows me knows that I have big dreams for my life.  And not just one dream, lots of them!  And now that I am married, I have big dreams for my husband and my life together as well!  I pray constantly for these dreams to become a reality.  I am always looking at where I am and what I can do to pursue my dreams further.  I know that these dreams are only possible with miracles, and the only reason any of them even sound fun is because I would be honoring my God, living my life to the fullest, and using every possible fiber of who he has created me to be in order to accomplish them.  To me, that is adventure!  I like to push myself, I like to see the very edge of possible and then see where God takes things from there.  I want my life to be a constant adventure and a continual reflection of Christ.  I want people to look at my life and know that it is a life where God dwells, where He is sought after and where His LOVE abounds.  A lot of times that comes with challenges of everyday life and the pursuit of big dreams.
I am thankful that along the way I have been given several Aaron’s from God.  There are several key people in my life who I run to for encouragement.  Right before something big happens I always have a team of encouragement to back me, walk with me and jump with me when it’s too scary to go alone.  I am so thankful for them.  My husband is one of them.  He is by far the greatest gift God has ever blessed me with.  Something that amazes me about him is his constant faith and trust not just in God but in me as well.  Whenever I come up with some new crazy idea he is always there, listening and encouraging me.  There have been several times when I have been afraid to tell him things because I am afraid to meet the common doubt or fear that comes when I mention some new big idea.  But he never reacts that way.  His reactions are ALWAYS a steady, peaceful answer of faith and encouragement.
I am amazed!  And thankful!


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