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Wedding & Grandparents

this is becoming my traditional shot, bride’s bouquet on the way to the wedding
love details

Wedding number 4 done!  And it was in my most favorite rose colors, black magic and white.  Very classy wedding, 3 types of table clothes on each table, seat covers complete with beautiful ties around each of them, candles and flowers and petals on every table, and individually wrapped take home gifts for each guest.

cake and throw bouquet
unity candle
loved the table settings
Everything about this wedding was elegant.  Watching them set up was like magic.  They quickly took down a casual, trendy wedding full of young, drunk adults and set up this classy, refined wedding.  I was in awe as I watched them take down the typical black and hot pink flower arrangements as their guests trickled down the stairs in dresses so tight and short I was uncomfortable just looking at them.  To my surprise there were no fights or falls, although I saw quite a few narrowly escape from both wedding disasters.
While we’re on the subject of class, I need to just say, ladies, please do not wear white, cream, or any other color in that family to a wedding.  It’s rude and makes you look tacky.
Ok, got that out of my system.  I know it’s not very nice to say, and a bit judgmental on my part, but everyone has an opinion and sometimes things just need to be said.  I feel better at least!
And by the way, I think the black and hot pink thing is cute, and just as frequented as the red, black and white thing.  But since I’m not too big of a fan of pink, and my own wedding was the formal, red, black and white theme, please know I’m going to be a bit partial to that one!
On a different subject, we got to go to the Grandparents house today, it was my first time.  It is beautiful and elegant and fancy!  I loved it, of course!  They are the sweetest old people!  And I love that I married into two sets of grandparents since most of mine have been gone for a while!  They are so nice, and today they gave us some of their treasures for our new life together!  I am so thankful to have such great examples to look up to!  Did I mention they’ve been married over 70 years!?  And strong Christians too!  What more could you ask for in grandparents!

so blessed!

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