Wedding, Saying Goodbye and a New Job Beginning, How’s that for some big life events

Today I am getting to work on a wedding in my favorite colors!  Black Magic Red Roses and White Roses.  Ahhh, does it get any more beautiful!  Or fun for that matter!  I literally got to spend the day playing in roses and flower petals!  And they pay me for this!  Seriously!

Speaking of work, I really do have the world’s most fun jobs!  I get to teach little cuties how to dance, I get to play in flowers creating beautiful art for people to enjoy on some of life’s biggest events and I get to build and nurture relationships while serving The Creator of the Universe!  Seriously!  And I get paid for this!  I would do it for free if there was no need for money, actually, I have done all of these things for free at different times!
Wednesday we had to say goodbye to our seniors.
Time goes by fast.  I know, I know, life is the longest thing we do, so how can you say it goes by fast.  But, when you look at it from a different perspective it’s a little different!  I heard a very wise preacher say once that we have this desire to go and do and accomplish so deeply seeded in us because we know that we only have a limited time on earth.  And while life seems long to us now, in a heavenly perspective, it is a very short time.  Perhaps that drive in us is God-given and created so that we may create and learn more about Him in the process.  Also, you can count the 6 billion people on the planet and how each of them are loved by God and how we are also called to love them.  There won’t be any one person to accomplish this, but knowing that people are being born and dying everyday, hurting and loving, seeking and giving up, maybe it’s the Heart of God pushing us to “go and do and be”, as my mom always says!  Oh, and that great preacher, it’s Francis Chan!  He’s amazing!  His heart, his sermons, his love for God, wow!  Go listen to his podcast if you’ve never heard him!
Anyway, that was a major tangent.  I got to speak about 3 of my students, it was an honor and a privilege.  I could have talked about a lot more of them, or talked all night about them!  They are wonderful humans and it has been an honor to walk with them, serve them and watch them grow into young adults.  I am so proud of them all and I cannot wait to see the exciting things God has planned for them in the future.
I also got a new job!  Oh yeah!!  I’m so stoked!  It is everything I felt like I needed to pray for, everything my heart was telling me to look for and everything I felt God leading me to.  And you want to know the coolest part…God was telling them to look for a specific person, with specific talents and gifts and a specific ability to fit into their church family, and that person was me!!  Wow!  That is mind-blowing!  That God would care that much to do that for me!  That God thinks enough of me to bless me with a ministry position.  And that God would so perfectly and beautifully orchestrate a group of people to unknowingly seek each other out!  Whoa.  That’s intense.  Let’s think about that for a minute.
I wanted a new job.
I needed a job.
I wanted a youth ministry position.
B. Pres. needed a youth ministry person.
B. Pres. needed a woman with a heart for middle school and high school girls.
B. Pres. needed someone relationally oriented.
God created this.
Just. For. Me.
A job that would fulfill me!  First of all, who can say their job fulfills you!  I know there have been many times I could not say that.  Actually I would probably describe some days at work the opposite of that.  Especially a few of the difficult days as a restaurant server…
A job that I only dreamed of!  Never expected I would find!  Let alone get hired to do!  And a job I have been doing and training to do for the past several years at my other church, Lake.
Wow, I’m still jumping up and down over this!

we celebrated at Disneyland
I love being his!

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