Beth Moore

Sunset from a plane
Beth Moore is amazing!  That’s all I really need to say, actually!
I could just end the post there!
I am doing her “Believing God” Bible study with some wonderful women.  Today’s topic was, “God can do what He says He can do!!”  How inspiring is that!?  Too often I am caught in a trap of believing God is only as big as I think He is, instead of as big as He actually is.
So, I ask you, how big do say God is?
Do you live as if you are the child of the creator of the universe?  The One who can do anything?  You are the child of a King, the King.  He will move mountains, He does calm the oceans, and He is waiting to be asked to do the big things in your life that he has planned for you.
above the clouds!
Are you brave enough to ask him where the signs and wonders are?  Are you brave enough to seek His heart and pray what He would have you pray?

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