Enjoying Life

what’s more joyful then jumping
nephew = joy:defined

As I look around at all the Christians I know I rarely see one who is enjoying life, living it to the fullest.  I was raised in a church that stressed work and not just work, hard work.  There was working at the church, working on dilapidated buildings, churches and parks, picking up garbage, painting over graffiti, cleaning out really old closets, homes and storage units.  It was like the church deliberately sought out the yuckiest tasks they could find and then gathered volunteers to do them.  The weird thing is that I never asked why?  Why are we doing this?  Is it to “help” people, is it to look good to the community so they would want to become Christians too?  Is it because we believe that if we did really awful stuff that we really didn’t like then that would somehow make up for the really awful sins we committed?

This is what I have found…Christians, no matter how hard we preach and teach and study and meditate, cannot understand the concept of grace.  We do everything we can to earn God’s love.  Why hasn’t God gotten sick of us missing it yet?  One of the many things I’ll never understand about God.
While doing all that hard work is nice, and a great way to help someone and love someone, as we are told to do.  Our job in life is to love God and then love others.  When and how will we ever learn how to stop trying to earn God’s love and forgiveness.?
joy of sisters

God wants us to have fun.  To enjoy life.  This concept is still fairly new, I have only discovered it in the last 10 years and I find myself struggling to remember daily.  It is a concept that goes against my early understanding of God and frankly one that goes against my human nature.

Regardless, I believe that God created a beautiful world full of wonder and adventure for us to enjoy.  We are actually supposed to have fun!  God wants us to enjoy Him and His creation and all the things of this world that He made for US!  I know, it may sound crazy, but I needed this reminder, so I wrote about it!
ready for adventure, this one is called “high school camp”
Unfortunately, I was reminded of this lesson because I was finding myself working very hard, and miserably all in the name of “God” and what I was “supposed” to be doing.  The worst part, I was in the church, among those that are supposed to spend their lives studying and communing with God to better communicate God’s messages to his children.  Church workers should know this concept more than others!  Aren’t we supposed to be the one’s who understand God more than most?!  How do we seem to miss this concept?
I will leave you with the comment that sparked this whole thing:
“Oh, you work for a church!  You must love your job, I bet you get paid really well!  I am sure they treat you better than any other job because they want to show love to their people, they are probably the best people to work for on the planet, because they’re Christians!”
Those who heard this, who work for the church, simply laughed.  Not out of joy, but from the absurdity of the statement.  This lady was so far off from reality that the thought of her statement was humorous to us.  See why I am disturbed…how did we get so far off from the mark?
the joy of my Life, forEVER and Ever!

Loved by the King


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