Just call me Mrs.!

Oh yeah, that’s right!

Today I FINALLY went to the social security office to apply for my name change.  You know, we’ve been married since 1.1.11 but I don’t want to rush into anything!  Haha!  That’s what my mom always says any way!  I am stoked, and hopefully in just a few short weeks I will have a drivers license and a social security card with my new, improved, married name on it!  And then I get to go through all the other name changes, bank accounts, transcripts, etc. etc.  Woohoo!

Also, I went grocery shopping today.  Always a little scary.  I get so intimidated by all of it really.  It’s expensive.  I don’t understand food and cooking in general.  I’m afraid I’ll buy the wrong thing or get charged wrong (which always seems to happen) or I’ll buy food that’s already bad or I’ll buy food I won’t eat and just end up throwing it away.  So much stress when it comes to eating!

I have been mucho spoiled for most of my life because I had an awesome Mom who shopped for everything and made everything from scratch and had no problem acting as our family’s “short order cook” (her nick name not mine).   As a farmer’s daughter she KNOWS how to cook!  I didn’t even know food came from boxes until I went to college and saw a roommate with some thing called potatoes in a box in the cupboard.  Super weird, if you ask me!

With sisters and an amazing Grandma who could give Martha Stewart and Julia Childs a run for their money I was happy to volunteer for clean up duty while they did the cooking.  Kitchen stuff was just not my thing.  I had no interest what. so. ever.

Cut to adulthood, married life and you have me struggling to figure out what the heck to eat and my poor husband politely smiling and encouraging me as I show him my burned chicken…yeah, I cooked it for 28 hours…that’s a story for another day.

So, here I am with multiple food allergies trying to navigate the kitchen and figure out what the heck I’m going to eat, all while mercilessly begging my parents to move in next door to help solve my problem!

For future reference my food allergies are in no particularly fun order: lactose, corn, soy, raw onions ( I know, weird), gluten, sugar, alcohol and…I think that’s it, I always forget.  Basically, I’m just supposed to eat vegetables, chicken and a little bit of lean red meat, and sometimes I can throw in some fruit, but of course, not the yummy sweet stuff like mangos cause they have too much sugar.  Super fun huh!  Wanna trade!?  Please?


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