Sleep and Dancing with the Stars

I know I’m not really supposed to like her, but I LOVE Kristin Cavallari!  She’s the bad girl from way back when on Laguna Beach and then the Hills for a bit.  I just love that she spoke her mind, she was straight and a little bit scrappy.  Sorry, not really a Lauren fan…

Anyway, she was voted off Dancing with the Stars, booooooo.  Which means I’m boycotting the show now!  Yeah, I do that sometimes.  When my husband watches these voting competition shows, I pick a favorite and once they’re voted off I stop watching.  I did that for Celebrity Apprentice too.  Yeah, he watches both shows.  He’s a bit more of a tv fan than I am.  Anyway, he thinks I’m nuts, but that’s ok!

So I haven’t been able to sleep lately.  Sometimes I go through boughts of this and it drives me crazy.  Sleep and me have a love hate relationship,  I love to sleep, when it’s time for sleeping, i.e. 10pm – 7am.  But I rarely sleep then.  I usually need 12 hours of sleep, on a good night just 10, thanks fibromyalgia!  I hate being tired all the time, a frequent event, but I love feeling rested.  So you see, a cycle of love and hate.  Anyway, I am on the hate cycle now, not sleeping when I’m supposed to and feeling tired all the time when I’m awake.  I’ve been upping the exercise but then that just makes me tired and sore but still not able to sleep.

On the flip side, the Hubby and I had a great talk last night.  The kind of talks you live for as a girl having slumber parties.  Where you finally get real with each other and become closer because you’ve shared your secrets.  Of course he thought it was just talking, so when I told him I felt closer to him after our talk he gave me that confused, girls are so weird look!  But whatever, we were both happy, that’s what counts!

Count down is on until I start my new job!  Woohoo!  Now I just have to get up the courage to tell my old job I’m leaving.  Oops, did I forget to mention that!


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