A new day and a new week.  It started off better than Sunday so that’s a great start!  I have been thinking about what day my week really starts lately.  Not that this really matters to any one but my brain but I have been wondering if it will make a difference in my ministry on Sundays.

It seems that if Sunday is the end of my week then mentally I will be worn out and not at my best for the most important day of the week for ministry, and my job!  But if Sunday is the first day of my week I can’t help but think about how every one seems to dread Mondays and that lots of things go wrong on Mondays…hmm.  Thoughts?

I’m off to a yoga DVD.  For some reason I have been too chicken to go to the gym late at night for the past couple of days.  I have done it a ton in the past so I don’t know why all of a sudden I have reservations.  But just in case, I’m gonna forego one more night and try to find a good workout DVD.

The other night I tried a yoga DVD which turned out to be horrible.  It was from Netflix.  Tonight I am going with an oldie from my shelves, so old in fact I don’t even remember it!  But I think it’s a good one, we’ll see.  Any favorite yoga DVD I should try?


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