Looking Back

So I was looking through my old phone, clearing off texts and pictures so my mom could have it all cleaned and like-new and I got to see a beautiful picture of my year.

Wow.  Really, WOW!  I say this a lot, but if you would have told me what my life would look like a year from October 11, 2010 there is no way I would have believed you were talking about me!

my rock

To start, my Mom began her first Chemotherapy treatment one year from yesterday.  Even my Mom and Dad had forgotten that until I reminded them tonight.  When my Mom was first diagnosed with Cancer I thought my world was ending.  My Mom is my best friend and I talk to her several times a day.  To think about her having Cancer was just not even something I could comprehend.  When they first found it there were a million questions and a million unknowns and not a lot of positive answers.

parentals in our meetin spot half way between them and me

Her Cancer changed my world FOREVER.

I looked at everything differently.

To start, about 2 weeks later my boyfriend proposed!  He became my fiance and two short months later we were married.  Yup, you read that right, 2 months later!

boyfriend-->finace-->hubby= 2 months of craziness

I began training to take over my mother in-laws Flower and Wedding Business in October as well.  I am one year in and loving ever second I get to work with beautiful flowers and be a part of other’s special events.

I played pin the bout.s on the groomsmen for this wedding

❤ calla lily brides bouquet

The way I spend my time changed dramatically too.  Commuting over 3 hours a day for work had to stop.  I began to look for a new job and prepare myself to leave a job I had thought I would be in for many many years.  It took me 7 months to prepare my heart for this move.

Then, I thought I was moving to a perfect job.  ( I wrote about it here )

Turns out, while that job was a good learning experience, like most learning experiences, it turned out not so perfect.  Funny how that works, huh.  I did however meet some of the most encouraging people I have come across in my professional career and feel that many of my dreams for ministry and my future were confirmed.  I need confirmation a lot since most people think my dreams/goals are crazy/impossible.  To them I say, look where God has brought me so far, they said this was impossible too!!

Now I face another new beginning.

door to a new beginning

A new job, year 2 of learning to take over Petals by Candy and soon another possible move.  But, best of all, year two of marriage to the best MAN in the whole world!!!


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