Horror Night-Universal Studios

My husband and I went to Universal Studios Horror Night last night and had such a great time!  We went there on a date last year and decided to go again because we had so much fun!  First, we did the front of the line pass, if you go, I totally recommend this!  We were able to see everything and go on our favorite stuff twice!  Plus we got to spend more time people watching instead of waiting in 100+ minute lines.

so excited

Horror Night

front of the line pass

I know, we are probably getting a little old for this, but it was so fun to be at a theme park at night when it was all decked out for Halloween and see some movies come to life.  My favorite was the Scream Tram. The other night my hubby and I stayed up way too late to watch Scream 4!  It was so fun, it was like having a slumber party with my hubby!  I like the Scream movies.  I’m not big on Horror films but this one has a lot of comedy and I love Courtney Cox and will watch anything she is in!

Back to the tram, they tell you they are making Stab 8 on the lot and we get to go see.  Really you get to walk through some of the sets and people jump out in costume and scare you!  They even have people with chain saws, the chains are taken off, of course, but they are loud and scary and they even run them along the group to make sparks!

His Favorite Part, no, seriously!

notice how he is holding the hubby away from me...don't worry baby, I love preppy guys way more!

yup, we're so famous we had a spot light following us around


We also got to see a comedy Bill and Ted show.  I love it because there is dancing.  They make fun of pop culture, the language is not so great, but the dancing had me hooked.  I hate to admit it, but we saw it twice!  And I must say, the dancers had their act together on the second show!  Maybe they heard me telling my hubby someone needed to run back there and give them some caffeine IVs cause the first show they all looked like they were dragging.

a little tired by the end of the night, too much fun watching people get scared all night!


This am was perfect!  I got to have a 5 hour coffee date!  Yup, that’s a marathon date!  It was so fun though!  I got to see 4 of my former high school small group girls and we had such a blast together!  I just love them so much, they make my heart happy!

Now, I’m looking at midterms next week so I’m off to cram my brain with all sorts of interesting information!

What are your plans for the weekend?  Did anybody go to any Halloween Theme Parks this season?  What’s your favorite?


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