Tomorrow is my Birthday!  Woohoo!  Except that it doesn’t feel like my birthday, my husband and I both have to work all day and night plus I have a huge midterm.  Sad day.  My parents are coming this weekend so I will get to celebrate with them but my hubby is working all weekend so I’m not sure what he has planned for celebrating…I’ll let you know.

mom makes the BEST cake ever!

Daddy 🙂

I have been reading all these blog posts about pumpkin things so I’m considering venturing into cooking something pumpkin, but I’m not sure if I’ve worked up the courage just yet.

I have been adding almond butter to my oatmeal for breakfast lately and it is ahhhmazing!  I love almond butter!  I can’t believe I have just now discovered it!

I won’t been able to work out beyond my classes until tomorrow night and these 2 days off have been making me anxious.  I am thinking that I should have just figured out how to squeeze in a workout.  I have been studying extra hard for my midterm so I cut out basically everything but sleeping, eating and working.  Oh school, isn’t it so fun!  Actually I do love learning, but the stress of the tests I have never dealt with well.

Husband has been sending me sweet texts, messages and notes in honor of my birthday since Sunday evening!  He’s so cute!  Making this my “birthday week” I’m so spoiled!

Presents from Parents

new shirt! Mom’s the best personal shopper ever!

I love boots!

I love boots!


he got a present too, his fav movie, which we watched later!


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