My Name is Julia and I am a sensitive person.

Yup.  That’s right.  And you know what, for most of my life I was afraid to admit such a thing.  Most of my life I have spent my time trying to hide my emotions, lessen my emotions, make them go away all together or “deal” with them in a way that wouldn’t get in any one else’s way.

Well, it has taken a long time to realize that my emotions are ok.  Not just ok, but good.  Not just that, but they make me a better me.  I was made in the image of God, and as most women, I am more emotional than men and more in tuned with my emotions than men.  And guess what, women were made in the image of God and I believe that this attribute, emotions and sensitivity are attributes of God.  I know, I know, craziness.  And it only took 30 years to get here!

My sensitivity makes me a better teacher, a better dancer, a better friend, a better listener and empathizer and better with children.  It makes me a better pastor and leader and teaches me more things about myself and God and what God wants from me.

Some of you may be shocked at the thought of me as an emotional or sensitive person and others may be skipping to the next post because you already know this too well…I guess that depends on the dynamics of our relationship!

Being that I spent most of my life trying to get rid of my emotions it is still a nice little hurdle I jump daily in trying to figure out how to deal with things, where I am in my thinking and what would be the best way to process things.  There are a few truths I have learned along the way that I find I must still remind myself of sometimes:

Emotions are not selfish.

Being sensitive is not being selfish.

Emotions do not make me weak.

Showing my emotions will not make people like me less, although sometimes it makes them uncomfortable.

I have also learned these little nuggets of wisdom.

There is a time and a place to deal with emotions.

Seeking peace should be my goal.

Loving others should be my avenue of reconciliation.

My husband is always a safe place to come to.

My Heavenly Father will always hold me in His Hands and Always Comfort my Heart.

Yes, my emotional roller coaster of learning to deal with life makes me a little bit crazy, but I hear life’s boring if you’re not a little bit crazy…and God and My Hubby love me, so what more could I want!

side note…here’s my new office, decorations tbd.


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