Waiting, on Purpose??

Well today during my Bible study I covered the idea of waiting on your dreams.  The idea is that, maybe, just maybe, all this waiting is on purpose.  If you think about it, what happens in life when you are waiting?  Lots, actually.

waiting on dinner!

In waiting I am tested.  My faith is tested.  My patience is tested.  My belief in myself is tested, my belief in God is tested.  My character is tested.  It is way too easy to become an impatient, not nice person while I am waiting on my dreams to come true.  Especially when things are not happening on my time line and when every other human being on the planet is getting what I want, or so it seems sometimes.  Then again, I could be exaggerating a bit in my impatience!…

There have been so many things that I have wanted in my life that have not happened in my timing.  Actually, it would be a shorter list if I just named the things that did happen in my timing…oh wait, I’m having trouble thinking of one.  Anyway, I could fill an entire blog of just the things I wanted to happen and how much later they actually happened.  Just off the top of my head, graduating from college and getting married and having children.  So far, only one of those things has happened, and it was 10 years after I had hoped!

So, back to the point of waiting.  If I believe that God is in control, which I do, then doesn’t if follow that I have to believe that God is in control of the timing in my life?  And if that is true, isn’t it right to assume that everything and every plan and every time line for my life is exactly as God intended and perfectly in His time?


Ok, I get it, smacked in the head with truth and humility, yet again.

So, with that knowledge, then I set out to think of all the time I’ve spent waiting and working towards my far off in the distance goals to find the lessons.  Somehow, it helps to think of the things I’ve learned to feel like there is actual purpose in my waiting.

And, I found out a lot!  I have grown so much in the past 10 years.  Though my life and the last 10 years doesn’t even resemble what I had planned, even a little bit, I am a completely different person with a completely different life than I ever imagined.  And you know what, I love the life I have!  Sure, it’s hard sometimes and there are things I would change (starting with my health) but I have a life of adventure and I am doing things I never would have dreamed are possible.  Hello, youth pastor!  Seriously!  Oh and dance teacher!  Oh yeah, and have you seen my husband!?  How I scored him is only through God’s miracles!!

My life is the living out of the verse, “in my weakness, He is strong” there are a million times when I have felt weak and the only explanation for getting through things is God’s strength.

It was put to me like this: a child doesn’t get their inheritance until they are old enough to handle it wisely, and until then, the Father takes care of it and raises them, preparing them to take over the great things he has for them…sound familiar?  I find rest, peace in knowing that God is taking care of things, preparing me for the things he has in store for me, preparing me to live out the dreams He has given me.


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