I’m such an adult

Oh yes, I have accomplished one more of those cool check points that make me a real life adult!

Are you ready for it…

I’m sending out Christmas cards this year!  Well look at that!  Look who’s all grown up now!  I love Christmas cards!  Especially the one’s with the pictures!  When the first one of the season arrives I get so excited I don’t even wait the short time to walk from my mail box to my kitchen table, I just rip into it like a fresh bag of chocolates!

I sent out Christmas cards as a kid and a teen and I loved that too!  Back then each one was personalized with individual messages like a real life greeting card.  This was long before the days of simplicity when we get to create a photo card online somewhere and then have them mass-produced and shipped to your doorstep complete with envelopes!  I did however hand address them, yes, including the return address label.  Partially because I think it’s more personal that way and partially because we don’t have a printer!

Christmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nis...

I haven’t sent out Christmas cards since I was like 20 because I just felt like a card with just me in the picture was a little too sad for my heart.  I’ve wanted to be married and have kids since I was like 12 so sending out a card reminding myself that I wasn’t just didn’t feel like a very Christmasy thing to do.  But now…I have arrived!  I got married!  Woohoo! And yes, life is much better married!  To start with there are no more awkward eHarmony dates and me yelling “No” while the boy is leaning in for a kiss!  Yeah, it happened, and yes, I’ll def. tell you that story someday!

And, I shamelessly used our wedding photos for the card!  We were married Jan. 1 so I can get away with using the pictures (barely)-it happened this year!  And I also know that after this there will be no more justifiable reasons to show everyone pictures of my happy day and relive it all!

My fridge is half way covered!  I’m hoping it gets full really soon!

Have you sent your Christmas cards yet?  What do you think of Christmas cards –  Awesome or impersonal?



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