Party Time

Francis Chan

I used to drive 3 hours on Sunday to hear him preach-worth it!

I love Francis Chan, in case I haven’t already said that at least 5000 times.  Anyway, yesterday during my workout I was listening to Francis Chan’s sermon via podcast and was blown away (as usual!) but this time it almost made me cry on the elliptical.  That does happen less rarely at least!

Pretty much any time I do anything ministry related I spend most of the time begging God to show up and work through me and allow me to step aside so that His love may be known through my actions and not mine.  Sound familiar?

In one of FC’s classes a girl was giving a speech and dropped these beautiful words of wisdom…

While we are pleading and begging God to show up, I think God is standing there listening, waiting for us to stop talking for a second so that He can set us straight.

This is HIS party, He invited US.

Oh how humbling.

How reassuring.

I can stop striving, trying, toiling, and relax in His peace, the way I am supposed to anyway.  I can KNOW that this has nothing to do with me.  Ministry will work or be successful or not all based on His choice.  Not my work, not my effort, not my ideas.  I have nothing to do with it.  It is ALL Him.

His party, not mine.  I’m just the invited guest.


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