Memory Lane

English: This is a picture of the Sacramento R...

Old Town

Sorry I’ve been absent, I’ve been busy strolling down memory lane here in Sacramento, my home town, where I grew up.  My home is Southern California, and if I needed any help in solidifying that this trip has done the trick!

There are so many things that are different, yet everything still seems the same.  Has that ever happened to you?  If not, just try revisiting the town you grew up in after leaving 10+ years ago.

The Tower Bridge, built in 1935, a popular lan...

Sacramento Bridge

1.  The streets are all the same but I can’t remember where any of them are.

2.  Many of my friends still live here, their parents still live in the same homes, but they don’t live with them! (a major accomplishment in some cases!)

3.  My high school still stands, and functions!  But it looks so small.

4.  I can now go places and no one recognizes me!  I would have killed for this during my moody days of Middle School!

5.  Everything is still where I left it but some things look older and something have had a face lift!  Buildings people!  Not people people!  (Yet anyways!)

There are many things I love about Sacramento.  The small town feel.  The absolutely gorgeous rivers and abundant walking/bike paths.  The fact that you are more likely to be eaten by a mountain lion than be killed by someone crazy while walking that river path is also a nice change from the dear LA river!  But there are a few things I am thankful I live without.  The FREEZING COLD WEATHER!  ( I told you I was a weather wuss!)  The lack of ocean views.  Oh, and my husband!  He couldn’t make it, and he would have no career here if he lived here!  So there’s that!

English: Ocean Beach Pier at sunset.

I do enjoy my parents and my friends and siblings…maybe I can get them all to move down to So Cal with me?  What do you think?!


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