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I’ve been cooking and I didn’t burn the house down!

walnuts, pumpkin seeds, apple, and italian dressing

Ok, so the salad didn’t actually involve cooking, but it was sooooo yummy!

And the main course…

best steak ever!!! there were veggies on the plate but I ate them!

This steak was seriously the best steak ever!! Thank you Daddy for buying us these special treats!

Cooking this steak was a serious challenge though!  Let me explain.

Our home is not quite equipped for cooking.  We have  a wonderful kitchen, it’s a nice size for our little one bedroom apartment.  It’s set up like a townhome, it’s 2 stories.  The problem comes with the placement of the smoke alarm.  It’s at the top of the stairs in a tiny hallway with no ventilation.  Are you seeing the problem?  The heat/smoke just kind of pools up there so the alarm goes off quite easily and continues to go off because it doesn’t have any where else to go.

I discovered this in the middle of cooking the steak.  So what does that mean??  That means that I had to run upstairs and fan the smoke alarm (it’s not possible to disconnect-believe me- I TRIED!!)

So here I am-

flipping the steak every 5 minutes as I broiled it trying to get it to medium well

running up the stairs to fan the smoke alarm with a towel in one hand and a small room fan in the other-yup, I was holding the room fan up to the smoke alarm

running back down the stairs to check how well the steak is cooked and flip it…yes, the smoke alarm is going off as soon as I leave the fan

I did this like 6 times!

Needless to say, I worked for that steak!

Totally worth it!



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