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One Sunset 50 different ways

Have you ever noticed that when you see a good sunset it just keeps getting better?

What am I saying, what sunset isn’t good!

I recently got to witness a sunset from a train in Arizona, how poetic, right!

My first sunset in Arizona and whoever said Az has beautiful sunsets was right!  The great thing is that this one kept changing, it was like a whole different view every few minutes.  This is what I captured from a moving train!

This is what my husband captured!  I’m glad he thinks I’m pretty!

Also, in a fun adventure we went out on the back end of the train, we got in trouble but this other guy who wasn’t supposed to be there either snapped our picture real quick before we all got yelled at!

this was a crazy, dizzying actually

In other news, we had our 3rd youth event, a movie night.  It was unsuccessful. 😦 Everyone bailed on us.  So that’s 1 out of 4 events so far that I have planned and people actually showed up for.  If that’s not discouraging I don’t know what is.  I feel like I’m shooting in the dark here.  I’m not so good at failing and ministry definitely feels like a failing field sometimes.  I keep studying and trying to figure out how to do this “right” but there doesn’t really seem to be a “right”.  All my studies have shown that you can do everything “right” but nothing guarantees success.

Have you ever planned an event that no one came to?



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