back to school

I have been away for almost a month, but thank you to all who continue to check in and read, I really appreciate you!

School started and I am going full time and working full time.  A major first for me!  I am having so much fun!  I am dancing 5 days a week for 3-7 hours a day!  This is a COMPLETE MIRACLE!

A man and a woman performing a modern dance.

I have Fibromyalgia.  If you don’t know what this means it translates into constant pain and soreness along with tiredness that rates up there with mono symptoms.  Yeah, it’s super fun.  BUT…thanks to RELIV I can dance 5 days a week.  Yeah, I am sore all the time but mostly it’s just workout sore or dance sore not Fibromyalgia sore!  How AMAZING!!

So this brings me to my next awesome point.

Dance was a great joy for me growing up.  It was my escape, my place of peace.  When I danced I found a quietness for my soul and  a special joy that brought me closer to God.  I cherished that time and guarded it with special caution.  Unfortunately, when I went through a few years of rough times the joy I found in dance disappeared.  Actually, the opposite happened.  When I would dance I would have awful flashbacks.  Images flooded my brain and I could not escape.  Instead of the sacred joy I used to experience from dance it had become my nightmare.

I pressed through and after 7 years, lots of prayer and refining from God I am enjoying dance.  LOVING dance!

English: Classic ballet-dancer Español: Bailar...

It is the most amazing gift/miracle from my Heavenly Father and I am so grateful!  Dance class is such a joy and everyday I get to experience the fullness of that joy I am overwhelmed.  God is So GOOD!!  Thank you Father for giving me your miraculous joy in experiencing something I can love so much.


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