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First Date Anniversary

2 years ago today the Hubby and I went on our first date!  To a steak house and frozen yogurt!  Yup, he definitely knew the way to my heart!

In case you were wondering here’s our courtship by the numbers:

Matched on eHarmony March 3

First date/meeting April 29

First I Love You Aug 20

Proposal October 23

Married January 1

One thing I love about this is that it shows Mark’s driven personality.  When he knows what he wants he goes after it until he gets it.  I am one blessed woman!  He has always been like that and I love it.  It assures me that he will never give up on me or his dreams or our family.  It means that he will pursue his goals with his whole heart and mind until he succeeds.  For someone in the entertainment industry this is vital.  I don’t know how you could survive without being this way.  There are a million things about Mark that make him perfect for me and sometimes it feels like I discover more every day.  I surely didn’t know what I was doing on that first date, but Mark did.  When I am confused and uncertain and questioning God’s ways Mark is solid as a rock.  He is firm in his convictions and in the direction he is headed.  He is my rock and I am so thankful I have him as my leader, in life and spirit.


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