Peace in the Storm

Ministry has been hard lately.  Actually, things in general have been hard.  Do you ever feel like when one thing goes everything goes and suddenly you can’t do anything right?  That’s kinda where I am.

I attended Planet Wisdom this weekend and it was great!  I got to have an incredibly uplifting talk with Eddie James, one half of The Skit Guys, backstage during one of the sessions.

The Skit Guys

The Skit Guys (Photo credit: williamhartz)

You know when you are talking to someone and you just know that they are lit up by the Holy Spirit.  Like your conversation is really half with them and half God talking to you through them?  It’s basically the coolest thing ever.  You know when you are talking to someone and they are really listening to you and you know, like you can feel, that they care about what you are saying?  Well, that’s what I got!  I guess with college students, high school students, teaching little kids and doing ministry I am so used to people wanting things from me, and telling me things that I haven’t had someone ask me about how I’m actually feeling in a while.  Thank you Eddie for letting God speak through you, I pray I can do that as well!

What is the hardest thing about ministry for you? 

Yeah, that will get you if you think about it.  It requires that you be honest with your struggles, places you fall short, or feel like you’re failing.  Mine is discouragement.  I have read the chapter on discouragement in Doug Field’s “Your First 2 Years of Youth Ministry” like 20 times.  I know that discouragement comes from selfishness, thinking it’s all about me and taking things personally.  But that doesn’t make it easier to overcome.  Especially when you’ve planned 6 events in the last 6 months that NO ONE has shown up for.  It’s hard not to take that personally.  It’s hard not to get bitter or discouraged or despaired.  I also know that Christ’s warns against discouragement, that it will be one of the main ways the satan will try to stop us.  Still, in the middle of my little darkness it’s hard to find the light sometimes.

That being said, after the conference and the time away to rest and have some good quiet time I came away feeling God’s peace.  I am so thankful, I needed that.  How do I know it’s God’s peace?  Because I feel joy in the midst of confusion and defeat.  I feel peace and rest and calm in the midst of stress and chaos and pressures.  That’s not normal, the only way that happens is through the blessing of the Holy Spirit and His peace!

How bout you, how are you doing in your ministry?


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