Driving with Bumpers

April is almost over which confirms that the busier you are the faster life goes.  With school and work full time I have hardly had time to breathe for the past 3 months and believe me I am counting down ’til it’s over.  6 more weeks in case you’re wondering.

He makes everything better ❤

Of course the best thing to add to my schedule right between a week of performances and finals week…my first sermon in Big Church!  I’m super stoked/completely terrified!  I can’t decide if this timing will stress me out more or force me to not think about it because there is too much else going on?  We’ll see.

I went on a nice walk through my neighborhood today to try and quiet my mind.  It only sort of worked.  There is just so many things up in the air sometimes it feels like if I stop to breathe everything will fall apart.

It’s so hard to remember that I’m not the one holding anything up.  Sometimes I get so caught up in trying not to let God down that I forget that I’m not the one holding Him up.  It’s the other way around.  I have nothing to let down.  Silly Jewels!

Thankfully I am extra surrounded with encouraging people right now!  Good thing because sometimes I feel like I’m barely off ministry training wheels and I keep looking around for help instead of taking the easy route and trust in God.  He must know this.  Hence the 12 deep encouragement circle I’m cushioned by!

It’s like when I first learned to drive.

My dad is a bit overprotective.  And by that I mean WAY overprotective.  When I was learning to drive he was a bit nervous.  His solution, get me a military issued Hummer and put bowling style bumpers on all the roads in Sacramento.  Awesome right!

Well, maybe God has put up a few bumpers for me in this new youth ministry?  For sure I’ve hit some bumps and there’s definitely been a few times where I feel like a kid playing in grown up world…  Good thing He’s watching out for me.  Good thing it’s not up to me to do anything great, I’m just supposed to do my best and He will do the rest.

Whew, that’s comforting just getting that out there!


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