Sunday Funday

My Date with Mickey ❤

1.  Hubby and I finished watching Pushing Daisies today during our tv show & nap after church routine.  I’m going to miss it – I love Kristin Chenoweth!

2.  I don’t know what show to watch next, any suggestions?

3.  We are probably moving this summer!  I have a beautiful love/hate relationship with moving, so I’m excited! I know, I’m weird.

4.  I’m number 24 on the wait list for summer school, but I’m hopeful.  Nothing like blind optimism, huh?

5.  Big meeting for my hubby tomorrow for his work (dreams), pray it goes GREAT!

6.  I took my first yoga class at the gym yesterday, it was pretty cool, I think I’ll do it again.  I don’t know why I was so hesitant, it only took me 5 years!  Ha!

7.  I got to do 5 photo shoots in the past few weeks!  It was awesome!  It is such an honor to take someone’s picture and I had a blast!

8.  I finished reading the Twilight series for the second time last night!  And, I cried at the end…again!  I love happy tears.

9.  I’ve been loving potatoes lately, so versatile!

10.  I ran 12 min mile with 2 min walking intervals on the treadmill twice last week.  It was so fun but I definitely hurt a lot afterward.


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