Sunday Funday

1.  The new Batman movie was awesome!!

2.  Every week I ask my kids something unique about themselves during role.  This week it was favorite super hero, 4 of my girls age 5-10 said their Daddy was their super hero!  Heart melting!

3.  I wish I had Cal Lightman’s skills, what an awesome talent!

4.  I talked to my sister for 2 hours on the phone yesterday!  Hello high school, I missed you!

5.  I hope, dream, pray, figure, work, pray, hope, search for a home of our very own someday!

6.  I started researching adoption, it is overwhelming.  Anyone with tips for So Cal please help!!

7.  I hate it when people found something great and they won’t share it with you because they don’t want you to be as happy as them.  Or whatever their reason is.  It’s like they feed off of knowing something no one else does.  It’s just mean!  And it hurts my feelings!  Can’t you just be kind and helpful!?

8.  Reliv is making my hair and nails grow like crazy!  Yess!! (email me if you’re interested)

9.  In answer to #2, Batman is my favorite, he has the best car!

10.  In shocking news, my hubby knew the words to a country song on the radio!  He hates country and only listens to it because he loves me and we’re married!  Wow, if this is what happens after a year and a half what happens after 5?  Should I be scared?!


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