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Thank God for Home Towns

Yes, that’s a Carrie Underwood song and yes, Mark let me play it as we drove in to Sacramento!  And yes, it’s been in my head ever since!  But that’s ok, because I like that song.

family time

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m on vacation and where is the best place to go on vacation?!  Home to Sacramento to visit my family of course!  We got to meet my sister’s new boyfriend and take a raft down the American River over the weekend.  Rafting was incredibly relaxing, I recommend it for anyone coming to Sacramento in the summer time.  The river is so gorgeous.  It is my favorite part of my hometown and I have yet to find anything that compares down in So Cal.  Of course, we have an ocean which trumps river most days, but I wouldn’t mind if someone could just transplant the river to LA.

heading for a river adventure

My parents have been taking care of my dog for the last few years because I couldn’t have her in the various places I lived in So Cal so I also get to visit her!  Yay!  I miss her so much.  I love cuddling with her even though she is a bit too big to sit on my lap, she humors me and does it any way!

How often do you go home?

What’s your favorite part of your home town?

What was your last summer adventure this year?


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