Miracles Happen Every Day

My mother used to say that to us, although usually in a sarcastic manner!  None the less, I experienced my very own miracle the other day!  Are you ready for it!…

I registered for my Fall semester classes and I got in to all but one of them!  And the one I didn’t get into I am #3 on the waiting list which basically means I made it!  Can you believe it?!  Six out of seven classes?!  That’s insane!  I had to check the computer 3 times plus make a print out because I was so sure I was doing something wrong.  That is the first time in my state college history that I have made it into (almost) all of my classes!

See how happy we are I got my classes?! The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger! Graduation is just a little further ahead!

you can tell, we can hardly contain our joy!



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