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It’s Date Night!

Woohoo!  Date night is here again!  Guess what we’re having?!?!  SUSHI!!!

spicy tuna avocado roll and miso soup

spicy tuna avocado roll and miso soup

we're wearing green and blue in case you were wondering =each other's favorite colors!  so cheesey!  I hope we're like this when we're 90!

we’re wearing green and blue in case you were wondering =each other’s favorite colors! so cheesey! I hope we’re like this when we’re 90!

ooooohhhh, yummy!  I absolutely love sushi but my hubby doesn’t eat it so we only go once in a while, that and the fact that it’s a little pricey!  We found this great place that does Salmon just the way he likes it so it’s a treat for him too!

special green tea ice cream dessert <3

special green tea ice cream dessert ❤

Speaking of awesome things I have to tell you guys that the fudge my Mom made me for Christmas is almost gone. Moment of silence please!

I have been keeping it in the fridge and enjoying a little bit almost everyday since we got home.  I knew this day would come but I’m still not ready!  I don’t think there is any form of chocolate that I like better than my Mom’s fudge!  She makes an incredible chocolate cake that is the only kind of cake I enjoy and I request it every year, even if we don’t see them on my actual birthday!!  But still, dare I say it…the fudge is the best!

Fudge was the #1 thing I was looking forward to eating when we came home for Christmas this year.  That’s a big deal since my Mom makes everything from scratch and everything is my favorite!!!  You can come for dinner next year!  You will be amazed!

Here it is!  Doesn't it look yummy!

Right after she told me she made it all for me! Doesn’t it look yummy!

She almost didn’t make fudge this year, I cried a little when she told me!  This made her feel so bad that she made it (of course) – sorry for the guilt Mom! 🙂  She was legit in not wanting to make it, my Dad and sisters and nephew can’t have sugar and my Mom doesn’t eat much and neither does Mark.  Guess what that means, yup!!!  It was all (mostly) for ME!!!

Oh it was delicious!

Ok, I didn’t mean to make this whole post about F-U-D-G-E!  But it is so good, I guess it deserves it’s own post!

Do you have a favorite food that your significant other doesn’t enjoy?  How often do you eat it?

Do you order dessert?

– I never used to but Mark has taught me to enjoy the finer things in life!  Sometimes we have dates where all we eat is dessert!  It’s wonderful!

What is your favorite thing your Mom made when you were a kid?  Does she still make it for you?  Have you ever tried making it yourself?

– It always tastes better if someone else makes it!  Always.  Especially if that someone else is MOM!


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