Griffith Park

We love to explore the observatory in Los Angeles.  Before meeting Mark I had never been and I can’t believe I’d been missing some place so beautiful!  Mark loves it because it reminds him of the Greatness of God and how big He is and how small we are.  Every time we are there he gets the happiest expression and I always make him tell me over and over again how he feels and why he finds space so fascinating!  I get this way about the ocean but never really about the universe, I have no idea why, I think I’m just weird!

I take a million pictures, of everything really, but I tried to take a variety of pictures this time.  Here are a few, hope you enjoy them!

IMG_2083 2IMG_2080 2IMG_2067 2IMG_2065 2DSCN0171IMG_2030


Have you ever been to the Griffith Park Observatory?

What’s your favorite place to go to experience God moments?


Ocean?  Mountains?  or Sky?

-see above!




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