Doggy Problems

My parents take care of my dog, as I have mentioned before, and they have been having some trouble lately.  They moved to a new home a few months ago and ever since she has been trying to escape every time they leave her outside.  She digs holes and chews on the fence, yes chews! And once she gets out she just sits on the front porch waiting for them to come home.  She barks constantly while they are gone.  After quite a few complaints from the home owners association they had to put a muzzle on her which everyone hates. 😦  We have researched and done a million things but nothing is working?   My parents leave the tv on inside so she will think they are watching tv.  My dad leaves his t-shirt in her bed so she has something that smells like them.  They bring out her bedtime blanket that is usually in her bed and put it in her outside home.  They give her treats and special toys which she won’t even touch when she is out there- usually when we give her a treat or toy it is eaten or destroyed within 10 minutes.  It’s making us so sad and now my parents don’t want to go any where because they feel bad leaving her outside alone.

We don’t know what else to do and we are so worried about our sweet doggy.  Do you have any suggestions?  What should we do?


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