Different Kind of Double Date

Hi friends!  I missed you last night!

We went on a double date, sort of!  Mark went out with his good buddy last night and the wives stayed in!  We were supposed to watch a movie but we didn’t stop talking long enough to start the movie!!  I love those kinds of conversations!

I am super blessed because I married into an awesome group of friends.  The husband has had this tight group of 6-8 guy friends since he was in high school.  Over the years they have moved apart and gotten married and had kids but they all stay close.  Mark was one of the last to get married so I got to come in to an awesome group of girl friends who gave me great insight into Mark while we were still getting to know each other!

some of the gang + kiddos

some of the gang + kiddos

One of my favorite things about when they all get together is just to sit back and watch.  They regress a little into their high school days and I get to see a glimpse of what my handsome hubby was like as a teen!  They get silly and funny and we all laugh til we hurt.  These are by far some of my favorite date nights!  Mark is not embarrassed by anything.  It’s almost like he doesn’t even realize he should be embarrassed by stuff!  He just does what’s fun or what he wants!  He doesn’t even noticed the people around us looking!  At first this scared me a little bit because I was too preoccupied with everyone’s opinion to enjoy the fun, but now I am learning to enjoy the moment!  Anyone watching is probably just wishing they were having as much fun as we are!


spontaneous air band performance!


the drummer, counting everybody in

What about you, do you get embarrassed easily?  Or are you a do what you want, who cares about what others think kinda person?

-I’m learning to be the latter!  It’s much for fun!


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