Mark and I are finishing “Lost” for the first time!  I know, how is it possible that we never watched this show before!  Surprisingly neither of us know how it ends, although I’m afraid now that I’ve put this out there someone will spoil it for us!  With only 5 more episodes to go I think we can make it!  I have noticed that this last season seems a little slow.  It’s almost like they ran out of stuff so they just drag everything on.  Never the less we are anxious to figure out what happens.  It seems that with each episode we have a new theory.  The only thing I have heard is that it is a little disappointing, with that I at least feel prepared.  I can imagine when it was live it was very disappointing to have lived through all these years and mysteries and not have a satisfying ending!


We are also watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” for the first time and I am impressed.  Originally I did not think too highly of this show because of the condescending way they speak to each other.  I still don’t like the way they treat each other but the show has offered many laugh out loud moments!  It’s hard for me to find a show that actually makes me laugh out loud so I’m pretty stoked, and willing to look past the poor way they treat each other.  I’m about half way through the series and I heard it gets worse, but for now, I’m hanging in!


My all time favorite is “Friends.”  Hands down, the funniest, bestest show I have ever watched!  This many years later and I still watch an episode about 5 nights a week.  By now I know most of the words and I laugh before they even say the joke!  But the best part is that I’m still laughing!  Whenever I feel down “Friends” is my go to show and I am so thankful for something that can quickly and easily make me feel better!



“Scrubs” is usually my second runner up and now it’s tied with “How I Met Your Mother.”  Marshal and Lily’s relationships is one of my favoritest on TV; they always support each other and are loving and encouraging towards one another.  I think we need more examples of that!


Now you’re probably thinking I just sit home and watch TV all day!  Sometimes I do!  But most of the time it’s a nice way to take a brain vacation after a stressful or busy day!  I promise I am a full time student who works full time!  And I even get good grades!  Woohoo!  So bring on the TV!

What are some of your favorite TV shows?

Do you have a go to feel good movie or show?



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4 responses to “Lost

  1. The first time “Everyone Loves Raymond” was on TV my sister called me and screamed, “Mom and dad are on TV! You’ve got to watch this program.” Sadly, it appears that Frank and Marie are clones of my parents (and they’ve somehow been married for 62 years).

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