I’m on a roll

Workout:  60 minutes Elliptical, 15 minutes Stairs

-shin splints = no running for a couple more days +ice + compression + foam rolling

Tonight I tried a new experiment in the kitchen!  And…the smoke alarm didn’t go off this time!  Yay!  Victory!  It’s not that I burn everything – I promise!  For some reason, the smoke alarm in our apartment is right at the top of the stairs in the little hall section before the bedroom/bathroom.  There is no ventilation there so the smoke and heat just kinda hangs out there until the smoke alarm goes off.  When that happens its super fun and becomes something like the cooking olympics/circus in our house!  This involves me running up the stairs to fan the alarm to get it to be quiet and then running downstairs to make sure the meat hasn’t burned.  Inevitably, as soon as I get downstairs again the alarm goes off and I do it all over again until the meat is finally done!  I am sure my neighbors hate me.  The other day I heard when I heard our neighbors smoke alarm going off I almost went over to volunteer as her fan while she finished cooking but I then she would really think I was crazy!  Also, I usually don’t get home until pretty late during the semester so all this is going on between 8-9:30.  Again, I’m really sorry neighbors :(.  I promise that I don’t cook meat on the nights I get home after 10pm.  Hence, the eggs!

Anyway, my experiment.  We had 2 yummy sweet potatoes that I had forgotten were in our fridge so I decided to try and roast them.  I have seen recipes for roasting squash and broccoli so I thought why not try sweet potatoes.  They’re a squash, right!  I diced them up added spinach and tossed them with some olive oil, basil, dill, oregano and garlic and put them in the oven for 45 minutes on 400*F.  They were yummy!  Another win win, Mark even liked them and he doesn’t usually like sweet potatoes!


While those were roasting I made some chicken on my new George Foreman that my parents gave me for Christmas!  They’ve witnessed the cooking olympics/circus events of dinner and decided this would be the perfect gift to help alleviate some of the dinner time challenges!  My mom is my number one fan in my learning/loving to cook so she is always looking for any way to encourage me.  She’s the best!  I am super lucky!  Growing up she made everything from scratch and loves to cook!  Seriously, she makes the best food ever and she even loves it!  I seriously have the Best Mom EVER!  She is determined to make me into a woman who cooks and Loves it too!  I’m trying!  I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as she is though!



George successfully cooked 2 chicken breasts without upsetting the smoke alarm a smidge!  I was super paranoid the whole time though and kept going upstairs to check how hot it was!  It may take me some time to recover from my olympic games!  I used this yummy sauce that you add to the chicken when it’s all done, perfect for George, otherwise the sauce would just slide right off.  Then I tossed the chicken on my salad and had my potatoes as a side!



Any food experiments/creative moments in your kitchen lately?

What’s your favorite way to prepare chicken?

What was your workout today?


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