Hot Date

Mark’s days off are Thursday and Friday so we try to plan some kind of fun date at least one of those nights.  Our dates are usually simple and cheap!  The goal is to spend some quality time together away from the usual of life.  My awesome Brother and Sister In Law gave us a gift card to California Pizza Kitchen for Christmas!  FYI if you’re trying to buy a gift for a cash strapped couple gift cards are AWESOME!!!  Free date night = best date night!

Mark's chees-less pizza with black beans instead of pizza sauce

Mark’s cheese-less pizza with black beans instead of pizza sauce

I had super yummy salmon

I had super yummy salmon

I like to get dressed up for date night and make it a special night for us.  We try not to do any of the normal every day stuff for the hours we designate as date night.  No phone calls, no emails, no working, no homework.  Just quality us time.  It’s a nice little vacation from everyday life.  Mark prefers me with little to no make up (actually no makeup, but come on!  I like makeup, I can’t go completely without on date night!)  So that’s the other way we try to make it special, I wear what he likes and he wears what I like!  (I know, we’re super cheesey-sorry) We both really like blue in case you can’t tell!!  We already fantasize about painting our walls different shades of blue when we finally live somewhere that will let us paint the walls!  (hopefully our very own home someday!)

IMG_2815 - Version 2

please ignore our apartment’s old, dirty carpet 😉


we need an on hand photographer so we don’t have to do self-portraits all the time!

Do you have date nights?

What is your favorite date activity?

Girls – do you like makeup?

Guys – do you prefer your girls sans makeup?



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2 responses to “Hot Date

  1. My lovely wife and I had been enjoying “Date Night” for over 30 years. We prefer to go out on Thursday evenings and leave Friday night to the amateurs.

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