Workout: 60 minutes elliptical

foam roller and Weights! 


Tell me you take pictures like this too!?!


Don’t worry, we were parked!

I don’t know how all those guys lift weights for hours up in that room, it is so hard!  It was awkward, again.  I tried to look for some girls to hang out with up there, somehow I felt like I’d be more comfy lifting weights around other women but there were only 2 – in the entire giant room!  And they were working with a guy who appeared to be training them.  So I wandered around looking for a machine with pictures I could understand while all the guys stared at me wondering what in the world I was doing or if I was lost!  I was determined to do my upper body again though so I waited for the machine to be free and got to it!

I work out at two different gyms, one is close to my work and one is close to my house/school.  I have been lifting weights at the one by my house but today I went after work so there were new machines to learn!  Why aren’t all the weight machines the same?!  It is so confusing!  Plus I feel a little silly not knowing what I am doing when everyone around me seems so buff and serious!  Ha!

super pretty sunset!

super pretty sunset!

I have been talking to a lot of my friends about lifting weights and they say they usually do work out videos or a body pump class.  I am thinking about trying one or the other but I can’t seem to get into either.  Maybe because taking a workout class feels like school?  I’ve done videos before but I would get so bored I would end up putting it on mute after the second time watching it!

What do you do when you get bored with your workout?

Do you prefer DVDs?  Classes?  Or going it alone?

What is your favorite type of strength building exercise?

Do you have a go to workout DVD?

– I’ve heard insanity and p90x are awesome!  I want to try it but I have to admit I’m a little scare of how hardcore it sounds!


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