Leader vs Body

Over the last several weeks our church has been discussing our future and something keeps coming up that I’d like to talk about.

Obviously a fun adventure!

Obviously a fun adventure!


The giveaway stash!

The giveaway stash!

When Jesus talked about loving the Church He was not talking about how much He loved the leaders and staff of the Church. (Ephesians 5:25)

When he talks about the body of believers, Christians, who make up the Church and how they all have special and vital parts, He was not talking about the leaders and the staff.  (1 Corinthians 12:12, 27 Romans 12:4-8)

He was talking about the WHOLE Church.  Every member, every person that calls themselves a Christian, every person who attends Church or is part of a Church body.  Yes, leadership and staff is part of that but they are not the WHOLE thing.  I don’t know how it became a common belief that the Christian’s job is to come to church, sit in a pew, listen to a sermon, hear some songs and then go to lunch and criticize everything they were just entertained by.  (or bored by, as the case may be.)  Church is not an entertainment event, it is not a spectator sport and being a Christian is not a passive role.  We are meant to go and do.  We do not hire others to do this for us.  In heaven we will not get to the gates and call forward the pastor as if he/she were the valet who needs to go pick up your ticket into the gates.  We are all going to be accountable for the things we did with our time, talents and gifts.  (Romans 14:11 & 12)

It is the role of the leader or staff to equip others and provide some opportunities for such going and doing, but they cannot do it for us.  We have to act.

Victorian Craft Time (the Victorian part should explain the dress!)

Victorian Craft Time (the Victorian part should explain the dress!)

How do you relate staff/leadership with members of the Church body?

Have you ever felt like it wasn’t your job to serve others?

As a leader do you find it difficult to get volunteers to join you in your service?

– Ever heard of the 90/10 rule?  90% of the work is done by 10% of the people?!



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