Finished LOST

We finished watching ‘LOST’ today…now can someone please explain it?


I’m glad that some of my questions were answered, alright, a lot of my questions were answered and things sort of made sense in the end.  But come on, sort of?

I guess now I know why everyone was disappointed with the ending.  What kind of show leaves you sort of understanding what the whole point of the show was?!  I liked that the plot lines were so intricate and that so many different story lines were woven together.  I mean, the show was beautifully written.  It was like a big, complex, complicated story that just kept taking unexpected turns and twists year after year.  That is amazing!  But it would be so much better if I understood a little more.


Was it a dream?  Was it real?  Was it some form of television purgatory?  How many differently realities and alternate realities were there?  Were there supposed to be Christian themes in there?  Was Jack supposed to be like a Jesus character?  How come some of them lived, some of them died and some of them were in the waiting room with Jack and some weren’t?  How could a big giant light be taken from one place to another?  How could a big giant light be stolen or put out?  What was the Widmore character’s purpose, was he good?  evil?  Did he represent something that I’m totally missing?

Yeah, and those are the questions left over!  I am sure you can only imagine the questions that got answered!!

What do you watch on Netflix?  What should I watch next?

Do you enjoy mystery type tv shows/movies?

Did you watch Lost when it was on the air?

Do you like when a show leaves you with more questions than answers?

Can you please explain this show to me!?!


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