Date Day

Mark has Thursdays off and until I am back in school I only work for a couple hours on Thursday teaching dance so we got to spend most of the day together yesterday!  We decided to take advantage of the beautiful day we were having and go out during the day and stay in at night to watch a movie!  IMG_3035 - Version 3

We headed down to Pasadena, one of my favoritest cities and did some exploring!  The best part…Mark said, “hey, let’s take pictures so you can put them on your blog!!” IMG_3011 See, he loves you guys too!! 🙂  I’ve been telling him about how awesome you guys are and how excited I am to be meeting so many new friends! 🙂IMG_3044 - Version 2

First we had Chinese for lunch, yum!  Then we set out to just walk around and explore (my favorite type of walking!)  We went to one of my favorite “pretty” churches and looked around (all churches are pretty in there own way, really). IMG_3009 I’ve been here a few times because I’m a creeper and obsessed with pretty, old, gothic style churches.  I know that’s not the official architectural structural type/era, but I can’t remember what it’s actually called!  If you know, please fill me in! IMG_3018 I have 3 favorites in Pasadena!  Mine is tied for #1!  Today’s is #3 (or maybe it’s technically 2 since there are 2 #1s?!?)  This was Marks first time in this church but he has gotten used to doing this with me!  Our first was on our honeymoon!  I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy, but now he jumped right in!  See how great our love is!?!IMG_3033

IMG_3016  IMG_3030


We also saw the courthouse but since we took a billion pictures I’m going to split it up into 2 posts!

What did you do yesterday?

Do you have normal days off (Saturday/Sunday) or other days off?

-Mark’s are Thursday/Friday, mine are Friday/Saturday.

Have you ever gone exploring in a church?

What is your favorite city?

-Pasadena, San Francisco, New York… Someday I expect to add every city in Europe, but I figure I should go there first before I list it!  Ha!


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