Pasadena Courthouse

Usually when people say they’re going to get married at the courthouse it doesn’t evoke a very pretty image, it usually means they’re going to have a quick wedding without a lot of extra stuff going on.  Once I saw the Pasadena courthouse my ideas changed!  It is super gorgeous!  A lot of people go there to have their wedding and engagement photos taken there even though they weren’t married there!  I love the irony of it, actually!  I gotta say, getting married there definitely crossed my mind when we were thinking about locations!


If you haven’t been, I suggest you check it out someday when you visit Pasadena!  They film a ton of stuff there, my favorite if Parks and Rec.

And now, a jumping progression!




Ever been to the Pasadena Courthouse?

Can you name other shows/films that use the courthouse for filming?  Don’t cheat and look it up on imdb…ok, you can, I won’t tell!

Did you get married at a courthouse?  Know anyone who did?

– My oldest sister did, but not this one!  She was in DC!



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