Getting Stronger

Remember how I said I was going to add some weights into my routine!?  Well, I’ve been working on it!  Even though it still feels super awkward and like everyone is staring at me!  IMG_2477 - Version 2

I have a couple of machines that I feel pretty comfy on and then I try to add in a new one each time so I can learn something else!  I am hoping after a while I will find a good routine and then stick to those machines!  Plus, I’ve learned that if I ask a really buff looking guy for help he usually knows what he’s talking about!  On the flip-side, I have also discovered that some of the guys in there don’t really know much more than me!  This was a nice revelation and made me feel a little less self-conscious!


This was my new machine for today!


Oh yeah! That’s 20lbs!!


Do you do weights at the gym?  At home?

How often do you add weights into your routine?

Is there anything that intimidates you about the gym?

Any fun Valentine’s day plans?



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2 responses to “Getting Stronger

  1. That’s awesome! Mainly, for me, I try to work more on cardio than strength training (because I have wimpy stamina), but every so often I’ll do a session with some weights. The thing that most scares me at the gym is when I see a new machine and I think “Oh, I wonder what that does!” and then proceed to cluelessly wander around it. That usually gets me some weird looks…

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