Pretty Drive

The other day we had a rare day off together and decided to take advantage of it and go for a drive!  We ended up in Malibu, these pictures are with my camera phone, sorry they’re not too great!  Try to imagine it without the car window in the way!



I love jewelry and have a fun collection of stuff from my grandmas and my mom and stuff I find too!  (you can never have enough jewelry!)  Today I mixed some of my grandmas stuff with some fun jewelry my Mom gave me for Christmas!

2013-02-08_16-26-07_21I really really wanted some frozen yogurt so I convinced the husband that we needed some before we met up with our friends for dinner!



In case you were wondering, Mom was right!  I totally spoiled my dinner and wasn’t hungry by the time we got to the restaurant for dinner…oops.  But seriously, it was sooooooooo good, totally worth it!

Did you get the day off?  I have another one next week for President’s day!  Do you get that one off too?

Ever go for a drive when you have free time?

What toppings do you get with your frozen yogurt?

-I like mixing fruit and chocolate.  Today was fruit yogurt + cupcake batter yogurt and peanut butter cups, caramel cups, coconut, and heath bar toppings.  Yummm Yummm!



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