Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I hope that today is a celebration of LOVE for you!!  Any kind of LOVE!!  Friends, family, significant others, JESUS, pets!!  All of the above!

We get to celebrate together on the actual holiday for the first time ever!!  One or both of us has had work or school (me) on Valentine’s day, but not this year!!!  Woohoo!!

To celebrate I will share with you our awesome batting cages adventure!  IMG_2986




I have always wanted to do this!  I played softball in high school – I was like the worst one on the team, I’m more of a foot-eye coordination person rather than hand-eye!  Dance is way more my thing!

Ok, so high school was a while ago, but seriously, these balls were coming so fast!!  I got a little scared!  At first I tried the slow pitch softball but I was horrible, I hit like 2 balls out of 25.  I’ve never done the slow pitch, high arch type softball before and it did not go well.  Also, we didn’t realize you could adjust the height of the pitches until my second round!  High school softball was a fast, underhanded pitch.




I ventured into the 40mph cage and did better – that was the slowest fast pitch one they had!

Not great, but at least I made contact with all but 2 balls!  It was super fun!  I definitely wanna try it again!  My hands were sore afterwards though.  Combination of cold weather and swinging at 50 balls after like 10 years will do that to you I guess!



Have you ever played baseball/softball?

– My church played softball at all of the picnics, and then that one year in high school – all my best friends were on the team and we got to run a lot!

Have you ever been to batting cages?

What was your favorite sport in high school?  Is it still your favorite sport?

-Soccer, all the way.  I lived and breathed soccer year round from elementary school through the first year of college!  It was awesome, but watching it isn’t as fun.  Now my heart belongs to dance, and yes, I consider it a sport!

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day today?!



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