Happy 1st Sunday of Lent + Getting a Little Personal

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday.  Did you go to a service?  We never celebrated it in the church I grew up in, different denomination.  But now that I am at a more conservative denomination we do a lot of the church calendar days.

Easter Time!

Easter Time!

I LOVE Easter!  It is my favorite holiday!  So I love any new holiday that makes the event more special.  Therefore, I am a fan of Ash Wednesday, Lent, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and EASTER!!!  Plus all the fun services we get to have to celebrate and remember the incredible gift of Jesus Christ and His amazing sacrifice for us in His death on the cross for our sins and the ability to go to heaven and have Him as a best friend and live in the grace and freedom that His death provided!  Awesome huh!

A lot of times people give up something or add something to their daily life during the Lenten season. I like the idea behind this action; doing something every day to remember the sacrifices of Jesus and the amazing grace He has given to us.  It becomes this beautiful, private reminder of how much God cares for us while simultaneously allowing us to collectively experience the same thing with a large group of people all over the world.  It’s personal yet public at the same time!

In the past I have done this but for some reason this year it just didn’t feel like something I should do.  Each year the 40 days before Easter is a special time for me and each year it has been a little different.  I am in favor of things I don’t have to do, but rather things I get to do, or choose to do.  So this year I am not doing either, adding or giving up.

Spiritually I am experiencing a time of quiet closeness with God right now that I am absolutely loving and thankful for.  I know it is a special time and I want nothing more than to soak up every second.  It seems like adding more or taking away something would be a distraction to the already intense time of spiritual growing.  I believe that we go through many different stages in our lives with God; periods of closeness, distance, silence, trials, difficulties, peace, conflict, prosperity, despair, loss and many more.  I think our spiritual life is like a roller coaster with highs and lows or like a rubber band stretching out and bouncing back inward.  I believe all of it is necessary and part of our growth.  God says that he is forming us like a potter with his clay creating us to be more and more like Him every day!  I love that!  And right now I am loving this time!


Happy Happy Girl!



Do you celebrate Lent?

What did you give up or add to your life?

Did you go to an Ash Wednesday service?

How do you feel about the stage of life you are in right now?  Is it happy/sad/difficult/easy…?

-Getting personal, I know!  But we’re all best friends!  It’s ok!

What’s your favorite holiday?



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