Identity Thief – Movie Review + Fibromyalgia

Have you seen this movie yet?

It is super awesome, and totally funny!  I definitely laughed out loud a bunch of times!  Someone once said a good comedy should get at least 5 belly laughs/laughs out loud!  I think this movie definitely met the quota!  I love Melissa McCarthy and see pretty much every movie she does!  The creepy thing is that her character’s name is both Julia and Diana!  That’s my and my sister’s names!  So it was pretty weird!  But in a funny way!  Ha!

This movie has laughs, a little suspense and some teary eyed heartfelt moments, so I guess that’s what they call a “feel good comedy!”

There was one thing that I wanted to discuss a little bit though.  Melissa McCarthy’s character, IMDb says her name is ‘Diana’ but she goes by like 100 names in the movie so I hardly know how to refer to her!  Anyway, she says she has Fibromyalgia.  The only thing is that when she describes the symptoms they’re not really accurate symptoms and she is more using it in her scams to get away with things, get out of things, or manipulate people in some form.  While I’m happy that this movie gets the name of the disease out there to hopefully spark more awareness, I’m not thrilled that it misrepresents it in so many ways.  Plus, if I really think about it, it’s kinda offensive, kinda like saying people with Fibro. use it to manipulate people or get out of things they don’t want to do.

I don’t know anyone with Fibromyalgia that hasn’t been accused of making it up, faking it, creating it all in their heads.  While that’s super fun to hear (ha!) it begs the question– how much do you really think of me if you think I’m going to make up/lie about being in so much pain that I cannot be an active member of society and/or create a fake disease just so I can manipulate you/get out of doing something I don’t really want to do…

People with Fibro, what do you think of the movie?

Have you ever been accused of faking it?  What did you do/say?

Have you seen this movie?  Do you love Melissa McCarthy as much as I do?!

-I’ve loved her since Gilmore Girls and wish they’d bring back Samantha Who?  I love Christina Applegate too!



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12 responses to “Identity Thief – Movie Review + Fibromyalgia

  1. Facebook post: Have you seen the movie “Identity Thief”? A friend of mine, who also has fibromyalgia, saw it this week and noted two scenes that concerned her. One scene had Melissa McCarthy’s character ‘Sandy’ fall down in a public place to create a diversion. She started yelling, ‘Oh, my fibromyalgia! It’s going right down my spine!’ A hapless security guard attempted to massage the pain from her butt. Another scene had her walking down the side of the highway, limping, looking for sympathy and whining about her fibromyalgia. My first thought was, what would people say if we switched out fibromyalgia for breast cancer or MS, would people still laugh? Why is fibromyalgia funny? Trust me, it’s not if you have it. This actress was recently made fun of for being fat. She had an army of people come to her defense. Think she’ll come to the defense of those of us suffering from a disorder we can’t control?

  2. I don’t have Fibro. I hope I never do. But I have friends who do and I think it’s not okay to make light of it. Being in pain all the time isn’t funny.

  3. Hello! So your blog was brought to my attention as we were discussing this movie and our concerns with the presentation of fibromyalgia. As a person with fibro, I’m very upset. We do so often get accused of making this up, manipulating symptoms in order to not work/live/be accountable and this movie is going to further that negativity. We face a constant uphill battle and frankly, when dealing with this syndrome, we don’t have the energy for the fight. I’ve written to Universal Studios as well as Ms. McCarthy to ask them to do something positive for people with fibro, to properly raise awareness of this debilitating disorder in light of their poor presentation in the movie. Thanks so much for the blog, great response!

  4. Catherine

    Have you seen ‘Identity Thief’, the comedy with Melissa McCarthy? I have and I was very displeased to see insulting references to fibromyalgia in this movie. I would like to make the public aware that irresponsible media portrayal of a legitimate health condition {as this movie is keen to exploit}, can quickly undo any credibility that we, as sufferers and activists have fought to achieve. The references to fibromyalgia in this movie are inaccurate, insulting and derogatory. It simply is not acceptable. If we as sufferers are ever going to be taken seriously, the fibro-bashing dialogue must stop. NOW. Get a clue, get educated, Hollywood.

    • I agree, it takes so much effort to get out accurate information about anything, really. The media is so powerful and unfortunately, too often they are irresponsible with it. It is so easy for people to believe that if they heard it on tv then it must be true!

  5. Kiera

    I had intentions to go and see the movie, because I love a good laugh. I’m so thankful that I didn’t, because I would have been totally shocked, angry, and disappointed. I saw a post on FB about it making fun of fibro. I’ve written a letter to Universal Studio, as well as Melissa McCarthy. It’s bad enough that doctors, employers, and others either don’t know enough about FM, or don’t care to know. But to have someone poke fun at something I live & suffer with every single day of my life? Lots of people don’t understand it, because we don’t “look sick.” I have fibromyalgia, and TRUST & BELIEVE ME when I tell you I don’t find it one bit funny.

    That feeling I’m sure she had when the movie critic Rex Reed made those “fat” remarks, is the same feeling we had when she made us seem like we’re trying to “get over”, Hurt, disappointed, angry, and sick to your stomach, yep, that about sums it up! I was one of those who defended her when he called her a “hippo” and “tractor sized”.

    I feel that we are all owed a public apology!

  6. mandy

    I will not go see the movie, one it is not a type of movie I would go see anyways and two now that I hear what she says about fibro, its like umm yeah no thank you. I think Melissa is a wonder woman, I am a big girl my self and I love how she carries herself and I wish I could be more like her. I have been told by friends that fibro is fake and that I should just get out more, that it’s mostly in my head. When I hear it is mostly in my head, I say you know what it is in my head. Fibro is a nerve disease. My brian controls my nerves but my nerves are so over active that I am in pain 24/7. So yeah it is in my head, but I feel it everywhere. Most of the friends that have said things like this to me I don’t go around anymore, it is only the friends that took the time to talk to me about it or look it up online, these are true friends in my eyes. The number one thing a person with fibro can do when someone is basically calling you a liar is ask your self if this is really someone you want as a friend, if you say yes then explain to them what fibro is tell them where they can get more info on it. A true friend will trust you and say ok I believe you. If you say no then don’t waste your time on them. I love the spoon theory! It helped my show my family how I have to live every day.

    • Mandy, thank you for your response. I am so sorry for you pain, both in your body and emotionally/relationally. I know what it is like to have friends say those things and it is both unfair and painful. I am glad you have a good response prepared, that is not always something that comes easily to me. Most of the time I am so hurt by their words that my brain doesn’t work fast enough to come up with a response like that. I will have to use yours next time! What is the spoon theory?

      • mandy

        go to
        the spoon theory is an amazing story about how a woman found a way to tell her friend how she has to live with lupus every day. But it still applies to any chronic illnesses.
        The only reason that I was able to come up with a come back at all is that I have been a smart a** all my life. Not a great word or a great thing to be at times but it helped there hahahaha

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