7.5 Hours Dancing = 1st Day of School!!!

I danced for 7.5 hours today!  I’d call the first day of school a success!

...sweaty mess...

…sweaty mess…

Also, I’m totally exhausted.

And, I absolutely LOVE this picture of my MOM!!  Isn’t she gorgeous!?!

Another plus, some of my friends and one of my professors even noticed that I’d been working out on my break!  Score for me!!!  I was super stoked!  I haven’t really lost much weight and my clothes don’t really fit that much differently so I wasn’t thinking that it was really a big deal!  It’s still not, but to have someone notice sent my confidence through the roof!  Plus it felt even better!  What’s not to love.  Exercising and feeling all strong and healthy plus people notice that you look stronger and give you compliments.  That’s pretty much as good as it gets right there!

I haven’t danced for 2 months but my body barely noticed, I think all the cross training has really helped.  I hardly lost any strength and I noticed that a lot of things were easier to do (hello push ups and crunches!!).  The only thing I really noticed was flexibility.  I was kind of expecting that but I really concentrated on cardio and strength training and that didn’t leave much time for stretching.  Plus, I stretch constantly while I’m in school so I wasn’t too worried about it!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds!

Day 1 down, 14.84 weeks to go!

And yes, I count the days.  For 2 reasons.

1.  I love dancing and I want to make the most of every day that I get to dance.  I know that this is a special time in my life and there probably won’t be another opportunity like this in my life.  I want to enjoy each day to it’s fullest.

2.  It’s a really difficult schedule and some days/classes aren’t easy.  I have school 6 days a week and work 5 days a week with something on every.single.day.  I have always had a busy schedule but this is my first semester without a day off.  Sometimes things get a little frazzled.


Join the party and pick one or more questions to answer!  I love learning about my new friends!  -Besides when I stalk your blogs!!

Do you have countdowns to things you’re looking forward to?  Trying to endure?

Has there ever been a time in your life when you were really busy?

Do you get to spend your time doing what you love?

– I know most people have a job that pays the bills so they can play on the weekends.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to study/do what I love, even if it is only for 14.84 more weeks!  (I love teaching but it’s not the same as when I get to dance!)

Did you go to college?  What was your major?



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2 responses to “7.5 Hours Dancing = 1st Day of School!!!

  1. you didn’t tell me about this?! HELLO! That’s awesome!:) Now we can be fellow bloggers too!:) There are so many cute blogs out there, I figured why not join in the fun, and I found yours! So fun!

  2. Thanks!! How fun!! I can’t wait to read yours too!

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