First Week

First week of school is almost over!  Only 2 more days!

It has been a total blast!  I am loving being back in school!  I love being with all my friends all day!  I missed them soooooo much!  And I am loving all of the new challenges this year.

I have already taken several of my classes before so this semester I am getting to help teach a little bit.  I have love/hate feelings about this.  In some of the classes it’s super fun because it’s a good challenge.  The problem is that if I’m teaching others that means I’m not really learning any new skills.  I know how to teach, I do it 5 days a week!  My goal in school is to improve my dance technique, not my teaching technique!  At least not while I’m in technique classes!  The part I enjoy is that in some of my classes while I’m teaching other students movements my level is learning new movement and at the end I get the challenge of learning my levels movement while dancing it with them!  That’s a little crazy!  But once in a while it can be fun!

Oh, and why I’ve already taken the class but I’m taking it again!…  For dance majors we usually have to take the same class at least twice.  In each class there is a minimum of 3 levels being taught at once and for most of the different styles we have to take up to level 3.  That means that we take the same class up to 3 times.  But don’t worry, most of the teachers change it up for us so there’s no getting bored!

I’m learning new stuff too!  For the first time I am taking Salsa in a school setting!  I took one lesson a million years ago in a studio but I don’t remember any of it!  Plus I’m taking Tap and Hip Hop!  I haven’t taken those in a formal setting for a long time too so my body is moving all sorts of new ways!  Especially since I go straight from Hip Hop to Salsa!  That’s a fun trick for my body to figure out!  Ha!

AND…in case you didn’t already see this on Twitter

…drum roll please…

I landed 3 clean triple pirouettes today in Jazz!

Um, yeah!  I was proud!  I stopped in the middle of class to celebrate!

This day was almost as great as the awesome romantic day my hubby and I spent at the beach last weekend to celebrate the beginning of my last semester!



It’s Friday!!  What are you doing to celebrate?

Where is your happy place?

– The beach!  Or anywhere with Mark!


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