I know this might sound contradictory since I told you guys that I loved being busy and because my schedule reflects that but I want to talk about REST.


While being busy is where I thrive I believe that it is necessary to have times of rest.

Rest is important in every aspect of your life:

Rest is necessary for athletes to give the body a chance to recover.

Rest is necessary in your private life to give you a chance to recharge.

Rest is necessary in your spiritual life to give you a chance to be still and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Rest is necessary for your creativity which then helps you in your professional life.

There have been hundreds of studies on the benefits of rest.

During my busy seasons rest looks a little bit different but it is vital to my survival.  Every semester I carve out a specific time during the week where I don’t schedule anything; no homework, no housework, nothing that requires anything of me.  At different points in life I require different kinds of rest but when things get really busy I need a few hours a week, usually at least half a day all to myself where I don’t talk to anyone or do anything but have my own quiet time.

This took me a few years to figure out and it does not come naturally.  When I am busy I get into a pace where I want to go all the time and have everything scheduled.  Seriously, do you know how hard it is to look at a pile of laundry and a mile long list of things to do and just read or take a nap or paint my nails instead!  It sounds weird, but it takes discipline to ignore all that stuff!

Do you have a regular time of rest?

What do you do to relax/rest?

– Read, watch tv/movies, paint my nails, walk, hike, sit on the beach, sit at a coffee shop, write…there are a million things.


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  1. i’m absolutely the same! i love to be busy- i don’t function productively if my schedule isn’t jam packed but i definitely need those mental health days where i just do nothing at all. those days are usually spent in bed with tea and netflix 🙂

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