Busyness & Marriage


Trying to get that ‘smolder’ look down! The hubby’s trying to teach me so I can be as hot as he is!

Every week we have a date night.  We don’t always go out somewhere, actually half the time we just stay home! (Cheaper!)

During date night there are no cell phones, or computers, it’s just us.  During the semester, when there is only one night a week when we are both free this can sometimes be a sacrifice.  There are times when we don’t see some of our friends for a couple of months, but, if we gave up our night together we wouldn’t see each other for a week!  (During the week we have opposite schedules so there are days when we don’t see each other awake!)IMG_1423_2

My time of rest and our date night are super priorities in our weekly schedule.  Sometimes they mean we miss out on other stuff but if we miss those times of rest we suffer big time.

Have you ever had ‘me time’ or ‘us time’ become a sacrifice?

How do you deal?

Do you feel guilty?

– Help me out here because sometimes I definitely feel guilty about it!

What do you do for date night?

I’m always looking for fun new ideas!!  Share with me your wisdom, please!!  🙂



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5 responses to “Busyness & Marriage

  1. I must ask – do you also hide the remote control on date night?

  2. Silly. We are the fairer sex. He may be cute, but he isn’t as hot as you.
    Wait, you feel guilty because you’re not seeing friends or studying or you feel guilty because of me/us time (or?)? I just wanna understand. I think I felt guilty giving into doing kind things for myself (because of my ex or because of being raised “to serve the other first” maybe?) but I feel guilty when I compare myself to others(aw I’m not being a good wife because I let the dishes go or I’m not being a friend to her because I haven’t made time for her or “oh I’m sorry that happened (at work) let me fix it!” When really it wasn’t my fault)…. Anyway lets work out or see each other more often!i have a cold but we can plan something. Lemme know ur sched(txt/email) so I don’t call during class.<3

    • You’re so sweet! Thanks! 🙂 Sounds great!! I can’t wait to hang out soon! – I feel guilty about saying no too often to others, I’ve noticed it’s a struggle for a lot of people. I feel like I’m disappointing someone when I say I can’t do something. I think it’s part of the whole feeling like I have to be super woman complex/please everyone! And that feeling of not wanting to miss out on something fun! Finding the balance is difficult.
      P.S. You can call anytime! It’s fun to find a text/call when class is over!

      • Let’s stop feeling guilty for saying no! We all need time alone, time with our spouses, time at work, time at church, time to work out, all to be whole, all to be refreshed for the next get together(to be fed in order to feed!, ministered to I order to do some!). One pastor told me that is overrated but I disagree. Ministry isn’t ministry if the ministers aren’t being cared for. Learn to be kind to yourself:) take reliv, sleep, drink water, eat healthy, working out, and time with your love are NOT REASONS to feel guilty. Working and workouts and going to church and your workplace and community service are NOT REASONS to feel any guilt, so stop!:) I’m preaching to the choir too:) other people who judge you for not spending time on the things they deem important are just jealous, don’t worry about negative toxic people like that! Ok this is turning into my own blog. Lets all give each other kindness, room for compassion, and caring prayers.

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