Raise You Hand if You Were Tired This Morning!

Hi Best Friends!  I missed you!  I took a technology sabbath, it was lovely!

So, did you remember the whole time change thing?  Well, if you forgot, don’t worry, about 2/3 of our congregation forgot too!  Oops!  When those church bells rang this morning it was a bit quiet in the pews!

My weekend has been super awesome!  Since I knew I would be losing an hour of sleep I decided to make it up by taking 2 naps each at least 2 hours long!  Ha!  It was glorious!  IMG_2803

Also, me and the ice packs got to know each other pretty well this weekend too!  On a sad note, my shin splints have been getting worse.  😦  On Friday, one of my favorite classes, I wasn’t able to dance full out for the second half because it hurt too much.  Please pray they heal super fast.  I think I’m gonna go to the doc to make sure it’s nothing more serious…I’m nervous though.  Somehow it feels more real once you involve doctors.  Like it’s not really a problem if there aren’t any doctors involved.  That’s logical right!?!  Ha!


I don’t know why we have so many car pictures, I think it’s becoming our thing…don’t worry Mom, the cars not moving when we’re taking pictures, promise!

I have class Friday and Saturday!  I know right!  Who even knew there was class on Saturdays.  I always thought school just vanished into the clouds on the weekends and then resumed its position on earth Monday morning…

2013-03-09_12-23-09_632Apparently I’m not the only one who believes this!  This is my car in the empty parking lot after class on Saturday!

Ever take a break from technology?

Do you take naps?

– Not usually but when I do I always feel like I’m getting away with something special!

Ever have class on Friday or Saturday in college?




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