We Went Dancing

Date night last week was D-A-N-C-I-N-G! 862508_10101427392321175_1502899053_n

I know, you’re probably thinking I’m a crazy person because I spend 40 billion hours a week dancing already but this was different!  We went country line dancing and Mark was there!  See, totally different!

We had a big bunch of people, my long time friend came with her life group and few of my dance friends came too so it was a good mix.  When going to a dance club the more people the better!  Actually, that’s kinda how I feel about everything!  (We had a 32 person wedding party, not including us!  It was wonderfully organized chaos!)531507_906310454990_581585279_n



Before I was married I went dancing all the time.  It is so nice, and necessary, to get out of the classroom and just dance for fun – no grades, no choreography, no one picking all the movements apart, no mirrors to scrutinize yourself, just fun, loud music and lots of laughing!  Sometimes when class gets too stressful it’s good to go back to the fun and remember why I’m dancing in the first place!  Mark doesn’t love to dance as much as I do so we don’t go often but he is always up for it when I want to go!  At this club there were 2 segments, a time for two-stepping and then a time for line dancing.  We were on the floor for all of the line dances and Mark was right there with me which was awesome!  I love that he is always up for fun, even if it’s not really his thing!  We also did a 2 step which was amazing!  We didn’t know the steps so we made up our own!


– I just reread this and need to clarify – before I was married I went dancing a lot for the sake of dancing!  Not to meet guys.  I actually didn’t really like dancing with a partner at a club, Mark is changing that!  My friends and I used to have a whole system of motions and expressions to strategically avoid guys who tried to dance with us!  Dance at a club is freedom, when there’s a partner telling me what to do it kinda takes away from that!

Do you go to dance clubs?

Do you like dancing?

– I love dancing!  But, fun fact, I grew up in a church that thought dancing was bad!  Um, I don’t know how that happened either, I’m still trying to figure it out!

Do you prefer to be surrounded by tons of people or just a few, or just be by yourself?

– I like all three, it just depends on my mood!

Do you have any activities that you did pre-marriage/significant relationship that you don’t do anymore?

Do you have any activities that you do in a significant relationship that you don’t do when you’re single?


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